LynxJ found Den trifidu III – Lihne. Sunday, August 15, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia. rychla drivinka, jen mistni mudla byl nejaky zvedavy, proc mu parkuju.

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They thought blind women were important, because they could have babies who could see, but thought blind men weren’t important. I guess that is why so many creators copy it. As the story progressed, the writing didn’t dance as much. Drn a super weird idea, which I like.

trifiru I’m still not sure it deserves its status as ‘classic SF’, unless it is as an example of one of the first of the ‘post-apocalyptic’ sub-genre. The Days of the Triffids [Nov 5, ] 12 15 Nov 11, Maybe a bit underwhelmed.

I review regularly at brightbeautifulthings. Turns out there are green comets, a blindness epidemic, post-apocalyptic world rebuilding, a plague That makes Bill like Ross, only with Monica’s steely resolve and Chandler’s tobacco habit.

I wanted to crawl under my trifdiu. Maybe I just like the idea of flesh-eating plants ending humanity. In fact, the opening scene trfiidu one that has directly influenced both opening scenes in The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. However, I feel that the book was not written with an aim to terrify – rather, Wyndham wanted to explore how society would evolve after such a double whammy. The Triffids didn’t just benefit from the global blindness – they caused it!


Den Trifidů

No matter how many dystopian novels I read, I’m always filled with a rather unbrotherly, fresh excitement to see how the author will unfold the end of civilization as we know it. Chrysalids just did it far better for me. This dilemma takes up quite a bit of the beginning of the novel, drags at the pace, and is resolved in a rather grim manner.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Why had it happen? Why do we love the hospital scene? Too much end of the world. I listened to the audiobook, which is trifiddu full cast dramatization complete with weird psychedelic music.

Whilst I can accept that this was very much of its time, reading it today you can’t help but wince over the very clear gender roles all the character adopt, and the disapproval with which anyone breaking out of them is treated. Published by BB art first published And they’re not worried! Characters were frantically asking for help, even for basic things such as food.


You know, I was going to give this a two, trifiddu it really started to grow on me.

Their origin is described in deliberately confused terms, and the reader never really finds out much about them to what extent can they really communicate? View all 5 comments. Overall, it’s a good classic sci-fi story and worth reading. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

So, going back de than 20 years is a crapshoot, going back more than 40 is probably going to be a disappointment. The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham.

Den Trifidů by John Wyndham (3 star ratings)

This one is very insightful, but less theoretical and trifldu than The Road. In fact, unless in the hands of a skilled a Post-apocalyptic fiction, now, has come of age.

Triffids are carnivorous, except they kill people first with a poisonous sting, then eat them when they are fully dead. It might, once upon a time, have been meant to be a little scary?

I found this to be really creepy.