Sep 28, GW necessarily makes the FAQ/Errata with the tournament scene in mind, Could someone explain how this effects Eldar Webway Strike and. Eldar/Species Abilities/Outsider: Change this to. “+2DN to all Interaction tests with WRATH & GLORY CORE RULES ERRATA. September 10 Version 2. Jul 2, Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight. Newly released from Games Workshop–a huge new list of errata.

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Jury Rigging and Take Cover stratagem changes.

Big news is that Daemon stratagem only affect Daemon Faction units and not just any unit with the Daemon Keyword. This errata is just a clarification of how we all were supposed to be playing already. Glass cannons need to have tricks Going back to 7th isn’t a elfar.

Will probably e,dar so in chapter approved. I’ve wanted to run a Hades in a penal “construction” style legion for a while. There are fluffy lists, eerrata you theme the list according to lore. Now they’re spending CP per turn to make the castellan powered up and only getting back 1 max, and the captains can’t ignore screens or make 0″ charges, and with the 2CP cover strat the AM aren’t doing any real damage if they get first turn. Clarifications on Phoenix Gem. So an army can eldzr up each turn as the battle continues but no single army gets access to those turn 1 table commands example: Must pay points in matched play for any new units created spore mine stratagem, endless swarm, etc.

I do play Harlequins, and it’s a tactic I’ve used plenty of times given the amount of games I’ve played.

New 8th Edition FAQ and Errata – Bell of Lost Souls

So will moving Daemon from faction keyword to keyword ruin nurgle soup? A- yes, treat such units as they are arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements”.


Seems they just don’t have any changes to make, which makes sense. GW really bottled out of addressing the real issue imo. Submit a new link. Why is Warhammer a competitive game now? Mine got super fucked when you had to be half command points. I will order an Elysian army pronto. That was always the argument, you can’t warptime your dark matter crystal’d tzaangors because they count as reinforcements according to that clause in the faq.

It’s more a tournament thing. Like, I get that it’s about competitive play and that’s largely about following the meta, but seriously, if someone’s trying to come up with a list, help them build that list better, not some completely different list. For all of the FW indexes. Hunt of the Fallen clarification.


Most books have changes, you should definitely go and eldqr them as there are some major changes across the board. Essentially, abilities that let you deploy before the first battle round like Eldar Rangers, Raven Guard, and Alpha Legion abilities, are changed to be either proper deep strike ie, can’t come on until turn 2 now, or were changed to be a free 9″ move in the first turn rather than a redeploy.

On top of that they were ignoring screens with the smash captains and making 0″ charges, and with orders and AM strats able to take down a lot of enemy screens turn 1 if they went first.

Can we use abilities to move after being redeployed? Maybe its the fact that they are charging, they are gliding like 3ft off the ground, kinda like a dive bomb? I hope their codex addresses it but i’m very pessimistic seeing as they nerfed the only good thing about a very bad army. Clarifications for a few powers and smite. CP regeneration nerfed to 1 per game turn.


CP Increases for super heavy detachments and renegade rules. They better be a 10 point upgrade to a unit come Chapter Approved at this rate, and even then I would pause before taking them. You bring it in 8E compossition design because you want to reliably score points through Obsec, one of the most important ways for scoring outside annihilation type matches. I’m not happy with the CP increase, but being able to put real power in reserve makes a huge difference in how our assaults play out.

Xenos 1 Autarch equipment clarified in Designer Comentary with it’s new flowchart. Trucks erraga too much. Flags cost too much. It’s a little silly. A flying model for some eldag decides to run at his opponent rather than fly Also fuck this having to wait 10 minutes before posting again bullshit. Just changed the name of the heavy burst cannons and updated savior protocols.

I can’t count the number of times my Harlequins have disembarked and charged over other units to tie up tanks or pick off characters. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your ergata lists, only the total point value of the unit.

That’s a pretty huge change. CP farm warlord traits and relics are no longer auto-take! You have a lot of movement in the movement phase. Wow, Blood Angel players are going to like this even less now. No more OP Heldrakes ruining my games.